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Cats and sewing do not mix…


As you will know if you’ve looked at my craft page I am currently planning on making some cushions for a brand, spanking new sofa that is being delivered in the next few weeks.  I was going to buy some cushions from some wonderful talented types (you know, the ones you see on etsy/folksy and wish you were as talented as) but I thought I have so much fabric I should make my own.  Today I started trawling through the kilos of fabric that have been accumulated over the last few years and finally settled on some beautiful vintage fabrics I bought a while ago at various craft fairs (mainly Bedruthan Vintage Fair) .

No sooner had I started, the cat decided she must be a part of the proceedings.  Making herself at home on the fabrics, which I think may have already have been the case judging by the amount of black hair found on said materials. We compromised – she sat in the middle as I worked around her. I dread to think what she is going to be like when I start her favourite activity – cutting the material. She is fascinated by my roller cutter and has the scars to prove it! Obviously I am joking, there are no scars, the tail came clean off. Luckily, I believe in up-cycling and I now have the softest neck scarf.  No cats were harmed during the writing of this blog, Pusskin is fine and has a beautiful tail.

These are the final fabric choices, birds feature heavily:


I have also ordered some both pastel and neon pompom trim to edge each cushion and am currently deciding on zips.

Let me know what you think/any advice you may have.


8 thoughts on “Cats and sewing do not mix…

    1. Thank you 🙂 I did wonder whether I should put the part about chopping Pusskin’s tail off but I went for it! Thank you for the follow I have had a look at your blog and you are trying lots of things I long to learn so shall have a good after the cushions!

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      1. I honestly thought it was so funny! I’m still learning myself but if ever I can help just leave message or an email! I look forward to more posts!

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