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Someone is enjoying the currant buns.


On a side note Pusskin has enjoyed the buns. Good news, she is going be regular and reduce her risk of obesity by eating currants.


3 thoughts on “Someone is enjoying the currant buns.

  1. I can honestly confirm that Pusskin eating Z’s baking has had a surprisingly cost-effective benefit. We are saving literally pounds as her cat ‘Ferrero Rocher’ deposits have ceased entirely for the last week. Sluggish and sleepy she may have been, but be careful what you wish for. Pusskin has many times, prepared for her delivery only to leave with her cargo fermenting, yet firmly in place.

    This morning however, the floor was speckled with the detritus of ‘own brand’ litter, akin to a moon landing, hinting at the half-buried treasure awaiting. My lasting memory as I grappled the mass outside, to be give a warriors burial deep into next doors garden, when it dawned on me. Currents!

    Blockages they cause yet intact they remain to spoil the glossy teak-like finish of pusskins latest sculpture. Also as it was windy, wished I’d worn gloves… and kept my mouth close. ( kept their taste too).

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