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Penultimate cushion!

I made my third cushion for the new sofa (arriving next week, eek…excitement!). It is looking delightful. I made it using the same method as the others (I will add instructions below if you would like to try).

The cat was desperate to get involved and was not at all happy that my attention was not fully centered on her! Whilst cutting she had to get in on the action! Least I had a weight to hold my quilting ruler down whilst cutting!IMG_2213.JPG

She sat on my lap whilst I was pinning so that was better!


  1. Measure cushion pad and add 2cm for the seam allowance all the way around to the total. (E.g. my cushion measured 45cm so I measured my material at 47cm all the way around.) This step is just for the front piece of the cushion.
  2. If adding pompom trim pin to the right side of the front piece. Sew on.
  3. For the zip I followed a YouTube tutorial and I think that would be best if I just include that. I always find it easier to follow visual steps rather than written ones (especially with sewing!). You can find the one I used here.
  4. Pin front and back right sides together and sew together using the 2cm seam allowance we added at the start. If you’re moron like me then this next tip is vital (unless you want to unpick your sewing and have a massive tantrum) ENSURE YOUR ZIP IS UNDONE BEFORE SEWING FRONT AND BACK TOGETHER!
  5. Turn right way out poke corners out, add cushion and enjoy!


Here is my finished spectacle:




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