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Crochet Charm Bracelets.

Do you ever find yourself itching to do something crafty but with very little thought of what to actually do? I found myself in this predicament today. I am desperate to do something new but I am feeling very uninspired. I decided to raid the millions of unopened Mollie Makes free crafty gifts I own. Like many people, I love the idea of crafting but when it actually means sitting down to something I get distracted, or lose interest easily. This is why these free gifts are amazing at in between project fillers!


The Mollie Makes crochet charms bracelet kit from issue 57 contained a plastic crochet hook, 3 colours of yarn, and a couple of brass and glass charms.

I just made one today as one of the threads were snapped in the middle so I will raid my embroidery threads tomorrow. I am pretty pleased with the result though.


I think it has shown me even if your are feeling uninspired, when it comes to crafts there are always small things you can do to top up your creative energy! This is why I love Mollie Makes there are many ideas for small crafts you can do (aside from the free gifts you receive). If you haven’t ever bought an issue I urge you do to do so or take a look at the Mollie Make website.


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