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What do you give a person who has everything?

So last Sunday was Mother’s Day here in the UK. My mum is very hard to buy for. Anything she wants or desires, she buys it! So when it comes around to birthdays, Christmas or Mother’s Day it is a real struggle to know what to buy.

This year I decided to make something. I have made things before, but they haven’t necessary been something to utilise, rather more decorative. I have realised my mum would prefer something to utilise/something that has a place in the home, rather than something decorative to enjoy looking at.

I started off by thinking about her interests. Gardening, birds, horses, her dogs are her main loves. I thought I would utilise my recent cushion making skills and design a cushion. To go where, I was not sure.

I decided to go with birds as a base. I made a card first and machine embroidered one of her favourite garden birds onto a plain, brown card. The bird was a Swallow, she always enjoys watching them nest and have chicks when they come to visit from April onwards.


I did my research and check the colours. I began to cut out pieces of material in, hopefully, the rough shape of the bird!


And here is the finished card…


His tail is a tad misshapen but I love him anyway! He’s got character! Now onto the cushion. I decided to make it in pale colours so it could go anywhere, but me being me, I needed a flash of bright colour so injected some blue turquoise silk. I added another bird with machine embroidery – this time a Mistle Thrush. Tell me what you think…


The birds a bit simple but mum loved it, and even better and completely by accident on my part, it went beautifully in my mum and step-dad’s bedroom!


Here it is!


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