me2My name is Zara and I am twenty-something year old woman living in Cornwall,UK. I have been working as a Primary School teacher for the last four years. I live in an old cottage in a lovely village in North Cornwall. I am ten minutes away from the coast and love being outside and close to nature.

I have been called ‘bird mad’ on more than one occasion. Apparently there are 68 (probably more now!) pictures/figurines/decorations which feature birds in our living room alone. I can’t help it – I love them! I would hate to think what the total across the whole house is.

I am very interested in crafting and baking. I am not well skilled at any one craft, I like to try my hand at lots of different hobbies and hope that it turns out okay! I love to sew and embroider things for the home. I am currently making some cushions and a throw from various vintage fabrics I have. There is sense of pure joy when you finish a project and move it to its intended home.

I love vintage and second hand objects. Much of our home is a mix of modern and old. I have many objects passed down from past generations of my family. I will treasure them for many years to come. There is something so exciting about attending vintage fairs and seeing what is there to be discovered. To be fair 99% of what I see ends up in my home.

I bake on a regular basis. I love to bake. I find when I am baking I switch off from the stress that everyday life sometimes entails. I received a food mixer as a present not long ago and it is my dream! Makes life so much easier than hand mixing cakes and bread.

I really hope you enjoy my blog and please do leave a comment, it would be much appreciated.